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When the duodenum is compressed by the superior mesenteric artery (SMA), it results in a condition known as superior mesenteric artery syndrome (SMAS). This condition is rare but does result in symptoms that can lead to significant health problems.

If you notice that eating results in becoming full faster than usual, SMAS is a possible cause. Patients also report symptoms including bloating, excessive burping, vomiting undigested or partially digested food and sudden weight loss.

Anastomotic risks in gastrointestinal surgery are cause for concern. One way to reduce these risks includes using the Strong procedure as an alternative to procedures such as duodenojejunostomy. The robotic Strong procedure offers patients a minimally invasive solution with more accurate results.

You may experience reduced blood loss, shorter treatment time and a faster recovery time with the Strong procedure. Over the long term, the Strong procedure has also been shown to aid weight gain in SMAS patients.

SMA Syndrome Surgery

A conservative approach to SMA syndrome treatment is preferred where appropriate. Patients are advised to change nutritional choices, in addition to having nasogastric decompression tubes placed to bypass an obstruction. Bodily positioning is also an important factor in the emergence of SMA syndrome symptoms, so education can help patients find relief.

When surgery is needed, you can trust in the skills of Dr. Danny Shouhed. Using robotic technology, the Strong procedure can offer patients greater benefits than traditional treatments. Dr. Shouhed can perform this procedure at his Los Angeles offices.

Strong Procedure Consultation

Each SMA syndrome patient experiences symptoms differently. If the condition is causing discomfort when eating or food aversions, it is important to seek diagnosis and treatment. Rapid weight loss is a life-threatening symptom. Reach out to our California clinic if you are suffering from gastrointestinal problems.

There are many gastrointestinal health conditions that share symptoms with SMA syndrome. To receive treatment and rule out a more serious condition, contact Dr. Danny Shouhed for a consultation. This relaxed appointment will allow you to get answers about your symptoms and the underlying cause.

Contact our office today to start your treatment journey, and discover more about the benefits of the Strong procedure for treatment of SMA syndrome.

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