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Danny Shouhed, M.D. Minimally-Invasive General and Bariatric Surgery Specialist

Performing advanced treatments or surgery for abdominal and gastrointestinal disorders are our specialties at the practice of Danny Shouhed, M.D. Dr. Shouhed is a highly respected, board certified general surgeon that is one of the leaders in robotic abdominal surgery in the country. If you have a gastrointestinal disorder or are considering bariatric surgery, contact Danny Shouhed, MD, a minimally-invasive general and bariatric surgery specialist, in Los Angeles.

The digestive and metabolic systems are extremely complex and intertwined throughout the abdominal cavity. Any treatments or surgeries involving the digestive tracts and connected organs must be carefully planned and executed to minimize risks and improve the outcome of the procedure. Dr. Shouhed is one of the top GI and bariatric surgeons in Los Angeles, specializing in using robotic technology and minimally-invasive techniques to perform precise and complex surgical procedures. Using these advanced methods can reduce risks and recovery time for our patients for better treatment results.

Meet Dr. Shouhed

Robotic Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Surgery

Dr. Shouhed is a fellowship trained general surgeon, but his expertise is performing treatments and surgical procedures for abdominal disorders. Whenever possible, Dr. Shouhed uses minimally-invasive procedures and robotic surgery techniques when performing treatments on the esophagus, stomach, intestinal tract or associated organs in the abdomen. Our practice offers a wide selection of medical treatments for patients, including:

You deserve to have a top surgeon perform your abdominal procedure or treatment. If you are seeking an experienced GI or bariatric surgeon, contact our office in the Los Angeles area to schedule a consultation with Dr. Danny Shouhed. Our team offers exceptional patient care and cutting-edge robotic surgical procedures to improve the patient experience and outcomes. Our practice accepts many health insurance plans and forms of payment for your convenience. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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The Testimonials

  • Linda P.

    He is a super great Doctor! He is full of love compassion and true understanding of pain for he patients. I feel so blessed having him lead my team. Thank God for a real Doctor.

  • Tamara L.

    Like every other person who left comments, I can't say enough about this man. He had to repair damage left by a different surgeon two years ago. and the operation took seven hours. If I had listened to the first surgeon who told me that nothing was wrong with me, there is a good chance that I might have died from the complications.

  • Steve C.

    Dr Shouhed is simply incredible. He has always been accessible even during odd hours. Random texts from him checking in on me is something I wasn't accustomed to. He is caring and skilled as a surgeon. I have never felt rushed during an appointment as he provides a personal welcoming atmosphere. His staff is first rate.

  • Aaron t.

    Daniel is an amazing doctor and truly cares for you. He goes above and beyond to make sure you’re doing before surgery and after surgery. I had hernia surgery in October and Daniel did an AMAZING job! I highly recommend him!

  • Hans L.

    Highly recommend, I had major surgery and made a full recovery. He backs his confidence with great results. Cannot express enough how bad of shape I was in and how incredible my recovery was. I am very thankful to have had him as head surgeon.

  • AnnIsIrish

    Dr. Shouhed is an excellent surgeon. I knew I was in great hands when I met him. He is also a great guy. My surgery was a success and if I ever need another surgery, which I hope I won't, I'll want him!

  • Suzanne C.

    Dr Shouhed is my husband’s physician at Cedars. He is the best, I can’t say enough great things about him; I don’t have time tonight.

  • Hengameh K.

    I had great experience with him.He is so professional and patient.I had very short recovery time after my surgery.And my scares healed so fast.

  • Catalina G.

    I can't say enough good things about Dr Shouhed and his team. From initial consult to post op visit (both video due to Covid but fantastic) I had a superb experience with him. He understood my health concerns and goals and did an excellent job counseling me through my surgical plan.

  • Sue W.

    Dr. Shoehed and his team are excellent. Super knowledgable, I never felt insecure or embarrassed, I felt totally supported by his entire staff, and appreciated the kind care and courtesy they all afforded me and other patients. My surgery went well, I have lost 85% of expected weight loss in just under a year (103 lbs!).

  • Stacia D.

    I had 3 surgeries by Dr Shouhed I was very complicated case. I continue to communicate with him cause I love him so much! He has wonderful bedside manner and is straight forward straight shooter. Great person as well. Really love him a lot!!

  • Michelle S.

    I had an absolutely incredible experience with Dr. Shouhed and his team. When I found out I needed surgery I wanted to have it as quickly as possible. Dr. Shouhed's team appreciated this urgency and did their best to accommodate me. Dr. Shouhed was incredibly knowledgeable and sensitive about my condition and concerns.

  • Sonig G.

    Dr. Shouhed did a minimally invasive laparoscopic gallbladder removal on me about a year ago and the results were fantastic ! I didn't have any complications and it truly was minimally invasive ! I walked out with a few Band-Aids closures and I was in the hospital just for two days for observation.

  • Hugh

    Hi, my name is Hugh and i received robotic surgery in April of this year (2021). Dr. Shouhed was my surgeon and spoke to my wife and myself explaining in detail the instructions I was to follow prior to my surgery. He is an expert in robotic surgery and we both felt very reassured because of his experience.

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