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Treatments for Stomach & Esophageal Diseases

Digestive disorders involving the stomach and esophageal are very common. From chronic heartburn and GERD to various hernias and esophageal conditions, there are many disorders that can impact the digestive system. Danny Shouhed, M.D. is a respected board certified general surgeon and foregut specialist that offers advanced treatments for stomach and esophageal diseases at our surgical clinic in Los Angeles and Santa Monica.

Esophageal and stomach disorders can often have many common symptoms, making it difficult to diagnose a condition without complex testing. A few different conditions can have symptoms of heartburn, abdominal discomfort, difficulty swallowing or vomiting, but the causes can be very different. Dr. Danny Shouhed specializes stomach and esophageal diseases and disorders, giving him the expertise needed to diagnose and treat these complex digestive conditions.

Types of Stomach and esophageal Conditions

Digestive disorders can start with common symptoms like heartburn but may pose serious health risks. Hernias, tumors and muscle disorders can occur in the stomach, esophagus and small intestines that disrupt digestion and may impact your overall wellness. Dr. Shouhed can accurately diagnose your stomach or esophageal condition and provide an effective treatment plan to address your health disorder. Our clinic offers treatments for stomach and esophageal diseases, including:

Swallowing disorders, chronic heartburn or stomach pain can be signs of a serious esophageal or stomach condition. It is important to seek diagnosis and treatment by a physician that specializes in complex digestive disorders, like Dr. Shouhed. Early detection and treatment can prevent further damage to the digestive system or the spread of deadly conditions like gastrointestinal cancer.

If you have symptoms that indicate an esophageal or stomach disease, contact us at the office of Danny Shouhed, M.D. to schedule a consultation. Call our office in Los Angeles to schedule your appointment with Dr. Shouhed for a diagnosis or treatment of your digestive disorder.

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