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Small Bowel Resection City Name, ST

Small Bowel Resection

If you are suffering from a condition that requires the removal of a section of your small bowel, a resection surgery is an appropriate solution. This is usually because there is a blockage or disease affecting the small bowel.

Another name for the small bowel is the small intestine. This is where the majority of digestion takes place. In order to perform a small bowel resection, Dr. Danny Shouhed and his team will need to use general anesthesia. You will remain unconscious throughout this colon & appendix procedure and will not feel any pain.

There are two common methodologies for performing a small bowel resection. A laparoscopic procedure is a minimally invasive option. However, in some cases, patients may need open surgery to successfully remove the damaged section of the small bowel.

Bowel Blockage or Disease Diagnosis

The most important first step when you begin experiencing digestive problems is seeking a diagnosis. Dr. Shouhed has a wealth of experience in the areas of digestive and metabolic systems. As a board certified general surgeon, he has the skills and expertise to offer you effective relief.

One of the aspects of Dr. Shouhed’s approach is the use of robotic surgical technologies. These innovative devices are designed to make procedures more precise and less invasive. In some cases, recovery time may be reduced, thanks to the introduction of robotic assistance.

If you are concerned about small bowel health, Dr. Shouhed can facilitate a comprehensive consultation. This initial appointment gives patients a gateway to learning about their conditions and recommended treatments. You are also free to ask questions or address concerns about procedures such as a small bowel resection and stages of treatment.

To find out more about small bowel resection, contact Dr. Shouhed today. We are waiting to provide you with the relief that you deserve.

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