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Small Bowel GIST City Name, ST

Small Bowel GIST Treatment

Gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs) can occur in the bowels or stomach, posing a risk for health issues and spreading cancer cells. Stomach GISTs are the most common, but nearly 30% of GISTs begin in the small intestine or bowel. While many GISTs are very small and may not have any symptoms, if a small bowel tumor is detected, it may require monitoring or removal. Danny Shouhed, M.D. offers small bowel GIST treatment at our medical clinic in Los Angeles.

GISTs are most common in individuals 50-70 years of age and rarely occur in patients under the age of 40. These tumors occur when abnormal cells multiply in the gastrointestinal tract. Some patients are at a higher risk of developing GISTs due to genetic factors. While many GISTs are small and grow very slowly, posing less health risks, small bowel GISTs tend to grow faster and spread quicker than GISTs in the stomach.

Symptoms of Small Bowel Tumors

Since small bowel GISTs tend to be more aggressive than those in the stomach, it is important for quicker detection and treatment. Detecting small bowel GISTs usually occurs due to another form of gastrological exploration, but some patients may present with symptoms that can alert their physician to a possibility of a growth in the gastrointestinal system. Symptoms include:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Blood present in stool
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of appetite or feeling full quicker
  • Anemia from internal bleeding

Small bowel GIST treatment can involve targeted therapy or surgery if the tumor is posing a health threat. Surgery is not based on the stage of cancer but whether the GIST has spread and if the tumor can be safely removed or if targeted therapy would offer a more effective approach.

Symptoms of GISTs should be taken seriously. Danny Shouhed, M.D. can offer advanced options in small bowel GIST treatment at our medical center in Los Angeles. Contact our office to schedule an appointment with our board certified GI surgeon.

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