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SMA Syndrome

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Dr. Shouhed is the only surgeon in the United States who is performing robotic surgery for MALS and SMA.

SMA Syndrome Surgery

The superior mesenteric artery (SMA) is a main branch artery of the aorta. SMA syndrome is the result of a section of the small intestine getting trapped between the aorta and the superior mesenteric artery. There are several symptoms associated with SMA syndrome that sufferers may experience. Patients may feel full faster when eating a meal. Bloating also occurs after eating and is often accompanied by belching. If you frequently experience nausea and vomiting of partially digested food, it could point to SMA syndrome. A small bowel obstruction is typically observed in patients suffering from this condition, as is weight loss.

Treating SMA Syndrome

Acute superior mesenteric artery syndrome is a reversible condition in many cases. By eliminating the cause of SMA syndrome, patients can find relief from symptoms. With the right nutrition, nasogastric decompression and education on effective positioning, patients may avoid more intrusive measures. Unfortunately, there is a risk of rapid weight loss that requires medical intervention. A procedure using a double lumen nasojugal tube is effective in treating these patients, and negates the need for intravenous feeding. It is essential that weight is closely monitored and recorded to avoid severe complications such as nutritional deficiency. The purpose of duodenal jejunostomy bypass is to effectively get around an obstruction. The small intestine is reconnected to the stomach, through a procedure that is performed either open or laparoscopically. The Strong procedure is minimally invasive and effective in dividing the ligament of Treitz to mobilize the duodenum.

SMA Syndrome Consultation

Dr. Danny Shouhed offers a range of treatments for reversing or eliminating the effects of SMA syndrome. At his Beverly Hills or Santa Monica, CA, offices, patients can expect to receive all the education they need on SMA syndrome and the methods used to treat the condition. A conservative approach is often successful. However, patients will likely have to make changes to nutrition and certain activities. How your body is positioned after eating can bring on SMA syndrome symptoms. Dr. Shouhed will provide guidance on positioning, in addition to offering patients the most suitable treatment options. If you are miserable due to SMA syndrome, reach out to Dr. Danny Shouhed for a consultation today.

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