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Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome City Name, ST

Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome Treatment in Santa Monica

When food or liquid cannot pass through the intestines, it can cause extreme distress in the body. Food trapped in the digestive system will cause havoc and result in discomfort, weight loss and other problems. Hernias are a common cause of intestinal blockages, but a less common issue can also restrict the small intestines. Superior mesenteric artery (SMA) syndrome is a condition where the intestines are pinched between two arteries, causing a blockage. Dr. Danny Shouhed is a top general surgeon that offers superior mesenteric artery syndrome treatment in Santa Monica.

What Causes SMA Syndrome?

SMA syndrome occurs when the superior mesenteric artery and abdominal aorta compress the first portion of the small intestines (the duodenum) and create a blockage. Usually, the SMA and abdominal aorta are separated by the mesenteric fat pad. If a person loses too much weight, it is possible to lose this fat pad and results in these two vessels constricting the duodenum. Since food cannot pass easily through the intestines, the stomach stays full and may become bloated or cause digestive distress.

Symptoms of SMA Syndrome

When food is restricted from continuing through the digestive tract, it cannot be properly absorbed. Patients with SMA syndrome can experience abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea, belching and fullness even after a small amount of food. These symptoms can result in restricted food consumption and more weight loss, even anorexia. This can jeopardize the patient’s health and may become debilitating if not treated.

Increasing weight can result in the expansion of the mesenteric fat pad to keep the SMA and abdominal aorta from compressing the duodenum. Unfortunately, the symptoms of SMA syndrome make it very difficult to gain weight. When weight gain attempts are not effective, surgery may be required. Dr. Danny Shouhed is a board certified gastrointestinal and general surgeon who is experienced with treating rare digestive disorders like SMA syndrome. Whenever possible, Dr. Shouhed utilizes minimally-invasive surgical techniques to reduce risks for his patients.

If you have symptoms of SMA syndrome, it is vital to receive an accurate diagnosis and treatment. For superior mesenteric artery syndrome treatment in Santa Monica, contact the office of Dr. Danny Shouhed for an appointment.

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