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Santa Monica Hernia Repair Surgery

When there are weak points in the abdominal wall, pressure can cause intestines, tissue or organs to protrude. This condition is called a hernia, which can occur anywhere in the abdominal cavity from near the diaphragm and belly button down to the groin area. Hernias can cause pain but more importantly, they can cause a serious health risk. Dr. Danny Shouhed is a board certified general surgeon who offers hernia treatment in Santa Monica. Hernia repair surgery is the best solution for treatment of painful abdominal hernias.

Hernias do not usually go away or heal on their own. With the exception of certain hernias that impact infants, most hernias will need surgery to repair the weakened point in the abdominal wall. Hernias can be painful, especially when they protrude in areas with adjacent nerves, such as the groin. In some cases, hernias can be life-threatening. If intestinal or organ tissue is trapped in the opening, it can cause a blockage or strangulation that can cause a medical emergency. Proactively repairing a hernia through surgery can prevent hernia risks and relieve pain or discomfort.

Robotic or Minimally-Invasive Hernia Surgery

Dr. Shouhed is one of the top general and GI surgeons who utilizes robotic and minimally-invasive methods for many types of surgeries. When appropriate, Dr. Shouhed uses robotic and laparoscopic technology to perform hernia repairs. These advanced procedures offer higher precision and accuracy with less damage to the skin and surrounding tissues. Patients are exposed to fewer surgery risks and may experience less discomfort and a quicker recovery with minimally-invasive hernia surgery.

Dr. Shouhed can repair most types of hernias using surgical mesh to strengthen and support the abdominal wall. The carefully placed mesh can cover the perforation in the abdominal wall to prevent tissue or hernias from protruding through the opening. Incisional, ventral, femoral and inguinal hernias can be repaired using surgical mesh, and the surgical expertise and skills of Dr. Shouhed.

If you have an abdominal hernia that needs repair in Santa Monica, hernia surgery is available through the practice of Dr. Danny Shouhed. Contact our office to schedule an exam and consultation to learn more about our minimally-invasive hernia repair options.

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