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Santa Monica Adrenal Gland Disorders Treatment

The adrenal glands are vital to produce essential hormones that help regulate various systems in the body, including the cardiovascular and immune systems. These small glands are located on either side of the liver and are part of the endocrine system. When these glands do not perform correctly, it can affect the entire body and create imbalances in the metabolism, heart function and immune response. If you have an adrenal disorder in Santa Monica, adrenal gland disorders treatment is available through Dr. Danny Shouhed.

Danny Shouhed, M.D., is a board certified general surgeon and one of the best gastrointestinal specialists in the greater Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica area. His expertise in providing an accurate diagnosis and cutting-edge surgical treatments for complex gastrointestinal conditions have made him a leader in his field. Dr. Shouhed is one of the most respected gastrointestinal surgeons, offering advanced options in minimally-invasive and robotic surgeries for adrenal gland and other abdominal disorders.

Effects of Adrenal Gland Disorders

The adrenal glands are divided into two sections: adrenal cortex and adrenal medulla. When there is an adrenal disorder, the symptoms will depend on what part of the adrenal glands are impacted and the type of disorder. Adrenal glands can be affected by tumors or cancer or by various diseases, including Cushing’s disease, Conn’s syndrome and Addison’s disease. The disorders can result in hormonal imbalances. The adrenal glands may produce too much or too little of certain hormones, including epinephrine and norepinephrine, that impact the metabolism and blood pressure. Cortisol is another hormone produced by the adrenal gland that is vital for health. Imbalances can jeopardize health and result in a wide range of symptoms.

Adrenal gland disorders are very complex and often can require surgery to remove tumors or other abnormalities impacting the endocrine system. If you live in Beverly Hills or Santa Monica, adrenal gland disorders treatment is available at our medical clinic. Contact our office in Santa Monica to schedule a consultation and exam with Dr. Shouhed to discuss the best treatment options for your adrenal gland disorder. We offer treatment for hypercortisolism, pheochromocytoma, hyperaldosteronism, adrenal incidentaloma, adrenocortical carcinoma and adrenal tumors at our medical centers in Santa Monica and Los Angeles.

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