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LINX Surgery

Those living with chronic heartburn or GERD can be at risk of esophagus damage and other health problems. Medications can control GERD for some people, but they can also have risks with long-term use. One minimally-invasive option in anti-reflux treatments is LINX surgery. Danny Shouhed, M.D. is a board certified gastrointestinal surgeon who offers GERD treatment with the LINX reflux management system through his practice in Los Angeles.

What Is the LINX Device?

GERD is often caused by a weakened or dysfunctional lower esophagus sphincter (LES) that allows stomach acid to backflow into the esophagus. Instead of surgically repairing the LES, LINX surgery uses the LINX device to support and enhance the LES. The LINX device is a small band or circle of magnets about the size of a quarter that is placed around the LES. This allows the LES to open to allow food and beverages through but closes the opening to keep stomach acid and food in the stomach.

Minimally-Invasive GERD Treatment

The LINX surgery is performed using laparoscopic techniques. The incision for the surgery is less than an inch in length, reducing damage to skin and tissue. The surgery to insert the LINX device only lasts about a half hour, and most patients can return home either the same or next day. The LINX GERD treatment does not change the anatomy of the stomach or esophagus, and it can be removed if a different form of treatment is needed.

A five-year study performed on the effectiveness of LINX surgery for treatment of GERD revealed excellent results. The majority of patients reported heartburn elimination and freedom from using reflux medication, and 99% reported relief from regurgitation.

If you suffer from GERD and want to explore long-term solutions and alternatives to medication, contact the office of Danny Shouhed, M.D. in Los Angeles. Our staff can schedule a consultation with Dr. Shouhed to discuss LINX surgery and other GERD treatment options.

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