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Lap Band Removal

The gastric lap band was a very popular bariatric procedure for the last few decades. The lap band was a desirable weight loss tool due to its minimally-invasive nature, and unlike gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy, the lap band can be reversed. Unfortunately, the long-term results of the lap band have been poor. Many people regain their initial weight loss or have complications. Danny Shouhed, M.D. is a highly experienced bariatric surgeon who offers lap band removal through his practice in Los Angeles.

Complications with Lap Band Procedures

The lap band was devised to create a smaller pouch at the top of the stomach to restrict food consumption and slow digestion. The inflatable silicone band is designed to be adjusted as needed through a port, customizing the treatment to the needs of the patient. While most people with a gastric band lose weight initially, weight gain is more common than with other bariatric procedures. Other complications of the lap band include:

  • GERD or acid reflux
  • Esophagus dilation
  • Abdominal pain
  • Band slippage
  • Digestive and swallowing problems

If the lap band is not producing the desired weight loss results or causing distressing side effects, it can be removed and reversed. Dr. Danny Shouhed is a board certified bariatric surgeon with extensive experience performing gastrointestinal and bariatric surgical procedures. The lap band removal can be performed in a minimally-invasive, laparoscopic procedure, restoring the stomach to its original size and shape. This can relieve many symptoms, but it can also result in weight gain in some patients struggling with maintaining or achieving a healthy weight.

Lap band removal is often accompanied by a second bariatric procedure to help patients continue on their weight loss journey. Danny Shouhed, M.D. offers gastric bypass surgery and sleeve gastrectomy, as well as other bariatric procedures. To schedule an appointment to discuss lap band removal with Dr. Shouhed, contact our office in Los Angeles.

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