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Hypercortisolism (Cushing’s Disease) City Name, ST

Cushing’s Disease – Hypercortisolism Treatment

Cortisol is an important hormone for regulating the heart, metabolism and gender-based traits in the body. However, too much cortisol can cause health issues. Cortisol is made in the adrenal cortex, but levels can be impacted by other hormones and medications. Cushing’s disease is a condition where there is too much cortisol in the body, also called hypercortisolism. Danny Shouhed, M.D. is a board certified general surgeon and adrenal gland disorder specialist who offers Cushing’s disease – hypercortisolism treatment through his practice in Los Angeles.

Causes and Symptoms of Hypercortisolism

High levels of cortisol can be caused by the overproduction of hormones in the body or from outside sources. Causes of hypercortisolism in the body include adrenal tumors, pituitary gland tumors and ACTH-secreting tumors – ACTH can stimulate cortisol production. Outside causes of Cushing’s disease include oral and injection corticosteroid medications that raise cortisol levels. Symptoms of hypercortisolism include:

  • Face becomes rounder
  • Excess fat accumulation between the shoulders and on abdomen
  • Thinner legs and arms
  • Dark stretch marks
  • Bruising and thin skin
  • Acne
  • Skin is slow to heal
  • Women may develop facial hair and may stop menstruation
  • Men may experience low libido or erectile dysfunction

Cushing’s disease – hypercortisolism treatment depends on what is causing the excess cortisol. Changes of medication can help control hypercortisolism or address the internal cause of overproduction. This can include removing adrenal or pituitary tumors through surgery, requiring a general surgeon who specializes in adrenal gland treatments.

Danny Shouhed, M.D. has years of experience performing adrenal gland disorder treatments, including performing minimally-invasive adrenal tumor removal. If you have symptoms of hypercortisolism or have been diagnosed with Cushing’s disease, you may require an experienced general surgeon for surgical treatment. Contact us at our office in Los Angeles to schedule a consultation for Cushing’s disease treatment with Dr. Shouhed.


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