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Hiatal Hernia Repair/Paraesophageal Hernia Repair City Name, ST

Hiatal and Paraesophageal Hernia Repair

One of the most common types of gastrointestinal hernias is the hiatal or paraesophageal hernia. The hiatal hernia occurs at the hiatus, the opening in the diaphragm where the esophagus and stomach connect. Hiatal hernias can cause heartburn, GERD and esophagus damage if left untreated. As part of our anti-reflux treatments, Danny Shouhed, M.D. is a board certified gastrointestinal surgeon who offers hiatal and paraesophageal hernia repair through his practice in Los Angeles.

Minimally-Invasive Hiatal Hernia Surgery

Hiatal and paraesophageal hernias occur when the stomach pushes up into the chest cavity at the hiatus. To perform hiatal and paraesophageal hernia repair, Dr. Shouhed will need to access the stomach and diaphragm to move the stomach back into the abdominal cavity, then close the opening to repair the hernia. This can be performed with minimally-invasive surgery using laparoscopic methods.

Dr. Danny Shouhed is a highly-respected GI surgeon that specializes in using robotic and minimally-invasive techniques for performing hernia repairs and other gastrointestinal surgeries. Most hiatal hernia repairs can be performed through small keyhole incisions in the abdomen. One incision is used to insert a small light and camera inside the abdomen to view the surgical site on a monitor. Laparoscopic surgical tools are used through other openings to reach the hernia and perform the repair.

Dr. Shouhed prefers to use minimally-invasive techniques whenever possible for paraesophageal hernia repair and other types of gastrointestinal surgery. This can greatly reduce risks for the patient from infection and other complications. It also shortens healing and recovery while minimizing pain.

If you have been suffering from GERD and other symptoms of a hiatal hernia and want to reduce the risk of further health issues, hernia repair surgery may be right for you. Contact our team at the office of Danny Shouhed, M.D. in Los Angeles to schedule a consultation to discuss hiatal and paraesophageal hernia repair.

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