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Duodenal Switch Surgery

The two most used bariatric surgeries, gastric bypass surgery and sleeve gastrectomy, are combined in theory in duodenal switch surgery. Also called single anastomosis duodeno-ileal bypass (SADI-S) or stomach intestinal pylorus sparing (SIPS), duodenal switch surgery creates the sleeve stomach while offering the intestinal bypass for very effective weight loss for obese patients. Danny Shouhed, M.D. is a board certified bariatric surgeon who offers duodenal switch surgery through his practice in Los Angeles.

How is SADI/SIPS Weight Loss Surgery Performed?

Duodenal switch surgery offers a two-in-one benefit for weight loss. First, the stomach is reduced in size by performing a sleeve gastrectomy. This creates a banana-shaped stomach that is about 70% of the size of the original stomach. Second, an intestinal bypass is performed, but the intestine is resected much further down the small intestine at the duodenum, which is why it is called the duodenal switch surgery. This weight loss surgery can be very effective for the right patients, but it is also more complex and has a higher risk of complications.

The benefits of SADI/SIPS weight loss surgery are a smaller stomach combined with less food absorption. It can be an ideal procedure for morbidly obese patients who want the best chance of success in their weight loss journey. However, there are some patients who will not be a good candidate for duodenal switch surgery due to certain health restrictions. It also requires strict patient adherence to certain restrictions and life-long supplements to maintain nutrient levels.

There are multiple bariatric surgery options for weight loss that can help you achieve better health. Danny Shouhed, M.D. is a highly respected bariatric surgeon that offers minimally-invasive options in weight loss surgery, including duodenal switch surgery. To learn more about SADI/SIPS or other weight loss surgeries we offer, contact us at our office in Los Angeles to schedule a consultation with Dr. Shouhed.

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