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Celiac Ganglion and Nerve Plexus Resection City Name, ST

Celiac Ganglion and Nerve Plexus Resection

If you suffer from a condition known as median arcuate ligament syndrome (MALS), you may benefit from treatment that includes celiac ganglion and nerve plexus resection. MALS presents as abdominal pain which is caused by a ligament compressing the artery and nerves of abdominal organs such as the liver and stomach.

Although it is often possible to manage MALS with conservative treatments, surgery is usually necessary to provide relief from associated pain and discomfort. Celiac plexus nerve block injections offer patients the most minimally-invasive treatment option. However, this is typically a repeat procedure. Alternatively, patients may opt for minimally-invasive laparoscopic surgery. This procedure is designed to provide relief from pressure from the median arcuate ligament on the celiac plexus nerves.

Neurogenic Components & Resection

Danny Shouhed, M.D., has a long, professional and academic history treating patients with MALS. His work in this area includes publishing an article supporting the hypothesis that MALS includes a neurogenic component. This hypothesis is supported by the discovery of abnormal scarring of nerve plexus and ganglion in the majority of patients.

These results were established through the pathological testing of resected nerve ganglion and plexus. Most patients will therefore benefit from resecting the celiac ganglion and plexus of nerves, in addition to median arcuate ligament decompression. Diagnosis of MALS may include a range of imaging and other tests to eliminate common abdominal conditions.

Performing a celiac ganglion nerve block is also useful in establishing the likely effectiveness of celiac ganglion and nerve plexus resection. The procedure temporarily produces similar levels of relief which may indicate the presence of scarring in the targeted area.

Abdominal Pain Consultation

Whether you have a MALS diagnosis or are seeking answers about abdominal pain, Dr. Danny Shouhed can help. A consultation at his office in Los Angeles will allow you to get to the bottom of your symptoms and find effective relief.

A specialist in GI and bariatric surgeries, Dr. Shouhed is also proficient in the use of robotic technologies. If you are searching for a minimally invasive solution for achieving relief from MALS symptoms, contact our offices today to arrange a consultation.

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