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Abdominal Wall Plication (with or without mesh) City Name, ST

Abdominal Wall Plication

If your abdominal wall and muscles have been weakened due to pregnancy or weight gain, you may benefit from surgery from Danny Shouhed, M.D. Reconstructing the abdominal wall or strengthening associated anatomical features can restore the natural appearance of your abdominal area.

Dr. Shouhed has extensive understanding of the digestive and metabolic systems – including supporting structures like muscles. The relationships between organs and surrounding tissues are complex. If you are experiencing abdominal issues, whether aesthetic or medical in nature, it is important to consult with a specialist in Los Angeles.

Although it is likely that there is a non-life-threatening reason for visible abdominal bulging or weakening detected during an examination, following treatment recommendations is important. Dr. Shouhed will provide you with full disclosure on your condition and suggest the most appropriate way forward in respect to solutions such as abdominal wall plication.

Los Angeles Abdominal Wall Consultation

The fastest path to relief and happiness begins with a consultation at Dr. Shouhed’s Los Angeles practice. Determining the cause and extent of your abdominal condition is crucial. All treatments are based on a comprehensive diagnosis, which means Dr. Shouhed could offer an abdominal wall plication or another procedure entirely.

As a patient of Dr. Shouhed, you will benefit from treatment delivered by a team of gastrointestinal specialists. Your care will involve compassion, understanding and a dedication to ensuring you are relaxed throughout every stage of your journey. The goal of Dr. Shouhed and his team is to ensure patients are comfortable and can avail of excellent treatment options.

Contact us today if you have questions related to abdominal wall plication or any of the other treatments offered by Dr. Danny Shouhed. We are a dedicated team that is focused on offering effective solutions for conditions that impact the gastrointestinal, digestive and metabolic systems.

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