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Gallbladder Surgery

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Santa Monica Gallbladder Surgery

Between the liver and small intestines is a small organ called the gallbladder. This pear-shaped organ is about 3-4 inches long and is used to store and release bile for digestion. The gallbladder has a variety of conditions that can impact its function, from the formation of gallstones to infections, inflammation and bile duct blockages. In severe cases, surgery may be required for gallbladder disorders. For individuals with gallbladder disorders in Santa Monica, gallbladder surgery is available through the practice of Danny Shouhed, M.D. The gallbladder is connected to the liver and small intestines by bile ducts. The liver produces bile and sends it to the gallbladder, which stores it until it is needed for digestion, then releases it through a bile duct into the small intestines. One of the most common gallbladder disorders is the production of gallstones, which can be small granules or as large as a golf ball. Gallstones can irritate the gallbladder, block bile ducts and cause a variety of issues. If the gallbladder becomes inflamed, infected or blocked due to gallstones, surgery may be required.

Minimally-Invasive Surgery for Gallbladder Disorders

While the gallbladder is used to aid in bile release and digestion, it is not a vital organ. If the gallbladder becomes infected or blocked with gallstones, it can put stress on the liver. In severe gallbladder disorders, removal of the gallbladder is often the best solution to protect the liver. The liver can continue to produce and release bile directly to the small intestines if the gallbladder is removed. If the gallbladder is dysfunctional, minimally-invasive surgical exploration can be used to determine the best treatment. In some cases, the bile ducts can be unblocked without removing the gallbladder. Dr. Shouhed uses laparoscopic and robotic surgical technology to perform minimally-invasive gallbladder surgery, including common bile duct exploration and cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal). If you have a gallbladder disorder and live near Beverly Hills or Santa Monica, gallbladder surgery is available through the practice of Dr. Danny Shouhed. To schedule a gallbladder treatment consultation, contact our office in Santa Monica to book your appointment with Dr. Shouhed.

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