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Partial Gastrectomy City Name, ST

Partial Gastrectomy

When your diagnosis calls for the removal of a portion of the stomach, Danny Shouhed, M.D. may recommend a partial gastrectomy. This abdominal & gastrointestinal procedure is different from a total gastrectomy, which involves removing the stomach in its entirety. In some cases, a vagotomy is combined with a partial gastrectomy to remove a section of the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is partly responsible for the production of stomach acid, which aids digestion.

To complete a partial gastrectomy, Dr. Shouhed may perform an anastomosis surgery. The small intestine’s beginning (duodenum) or middle (jejunum) are bridged. Where the surgery is performed will depend on the nature and location of your partial gastrectomy. The percentage of stomach removed may involve an antrectomy (30%), hemigastrectomy (50%) or a subtotal gastrectomy (80%).

Gastrointestinal Specialist – Los Angeles

Dr. Danny Shouhed is gastrointestinal specialist in Los Angeles. He is a board certified general surgeon with expertise in the use of abdominal robotic surgery technology. Under his care, you will experience compassion and understanding. The team that works with Dr. Shouhed consists of professionals who are committed to supporting you throughout your treatment journey.

The digestive and metabolic systems perform a myriad of complex tasks. Your symptoms could point to a range of health conditions that require immediate attention. Do not risk your health by coping in silence with stomach pain and discomfort.

When you consult with Dr. Shouhed, he will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. All potential treatment plans are fully discussed in language that the average person can understand. We appreciate that determining the cause of your condition may be a stressful period in your life. That is why our team is passionate about maintaining close and meaningful relationships with our patients.

Contact our Los Angeles offices today if you are concerned about a stomach issue or any other digestive problem.

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