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Incisional Hernia Repair With Mesh City Name, ST

Incisional Hernia Repair with Mesh

An incisional hernia is a type of hernia that protrudes through a weakness in the abdominal wall muscle caused by an incision or injury. This is a type of ventral hernia that occurs in about 30% of abdominal surgery patients due to thinner or weaker scar tissue. While incisional hernias can be small or large, depending on the size of the incision, none will go away on their own. Danny Shouhed, M.D. is a highly respected hernia surgeon that offers incisional hernia repair with mesh surgery through his practice in Los Angeles.

Ventral incisional hernias can occur in patients of all ages who undergo abdominal surgery. When the abdominal muscle heals, the scar tissue may be thinner or weaker than the surrounding muscle, allowing for a hernia to form. Intestines or fatty tissue can protrude through the weak spot, creating a bulge in the abdomen. To repair the hernia and prevent complications from incarceration or strangulation, surgical mesh can be placed to reinforce the abdominal wall and muscle.

Minimally-Invasive Incisional Hernia Surgery

Dr. Danny Shouhed is one of the top robotic and minimally-invasive surgical specialists in LA. Incisional hernia repair with mesh can be performed using robotic assistance and laparoscopic techniques, increasing precision and reducing risks for the patient. Tiny incisions can be used to access and repair most incisional hernias. The protruding tissue is pushed back into the abdominal cavity using small surgical tools. A piece of mesh is trimmed to fit the weak area in the muscle to strengthen the abdominal wall to prevent hernias from reoccurring at the surgical site.

If you have a bulge occurring near an abdomen surgical scar, you may have an incisional hernia that requires repair. Contact our office in Los Angeles to schedule your appointment to meet with Dr. Shouhed to discuss incision hernia repair with mesh and other treatment options.

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